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MEChA at Loyola Marymount University

In Spring 2012, Carmen Castañeda worked with Archives & Special Collections uncover the history of MEChA and Chicana/o Studies at LMU. If you are interested in reading her blog series, click here

A Brief History

1968 - El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan

1968 - El Plan de Santa Barbara

1968 - United Mexican-American Students (UMAS) at Loyola University

1968 - UMAS & Black Student Union propose Non-White Student Alliance

1968 - UMAS proposes Chicano Studies at Loyola University

1969 - UMAS forms La Causa Steering Committee

1973 - Loyola University + Marymount College = Loyola Marymount University

1973 - UMAS = Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan (MEChA)

1973 - MEChA invites Cesar Chavez as guest speaker for university event

1973 - Mexican-American Studies is proposed

1974 - Chicana/o Studies program emerges

1983 - MEChA receives ASLMU Organization of the Year award

1997 - LMU hosts CA Fall Statewide Conference

1996 - LMU hosts its first annual La Raza High School Conference

2013 - MEChA External Chair receives SLD/ASLMU Heart of a Lion award

2014 - MEChA de LMU 45th Year Anniversary 

2014 - MEChA de LMU hosts Spring 2014 Statewide Conference 

2014 - MEChA Internal Chair receives SLD/ASLMU Heart of a Lion award 
2014 - MEChA de LMU is honored as 2014 Organization of the Year

2018 - MEChA Internal Chair receives the Presidential Citation award

2018 - MEChA de LMU is honored as Organization of the Year

In 1968, a group of students formed United Mexican-American Student (UMAS) at Loyola University. In 1973, as a result of El Plan de Santa Barbara, the group adopted the MEChA identity as a sign of unity with the other Chicana/o student organizations in California and along the West coast. Today, there are over 400 MEChA chapters throughout the country. MEChA de LMU belongs to the Los Angeles County Central and is part of the Altas Califas Sur region.





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